OMG JAPAN – 221 Mind-blowing & Jaw-Dropping Facts About Japan You Didn’t Know Until Now

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– Did you know that it was the NORWEGIANS who invented Salmon Sushi?
– Did you know that there is THAT ONE FOOD which the Japanese Emperor is forbidden to eat?
– Did you know that NINJA THREW THIS to conceal underwater movement?
– Did you know why you should NEVER pass food from chopsticks to chopsticks?
– Did you know that Samurai committed suicide by DOING THIS?
– Did you know why 70% of the world’s zippers have ‘YKK’ engraved on it?
– Did you know why Kernel Sanders is as popular as Santa Claus on Christmas in Japan?
– Did you know that ‘Genius Energy’, ‘Snow Squash’, ‘Fantastic Five’ and ‘Hip Hop’ are flavors available for THIS drink?
– Did you know that there is a Japanese delicacy consists of raw horse meat with onion and ginger?
– Did you know that Japanese scientists invented ‘THIS SPRAY’ to alarm the deaf in case of emergency?
– Did you know that ‘Hello Kitty’ was originally named THIS?
– Did you know that you should NEVER DO THIS when using chopsticks?
– Did you know why dancing after midnight is ILLEGAL in Japan?
– Did you know that Japanese women considered THIS a thing of beauty?
– Did you know that Japanese police fires THIS instead of bullets at fleeing vehicles?
– Did you know why there is a Japanese festival venerating the MALE PENIS?

Well, if you couldn’t say yes to any of those, you still have a lot to discover about Japan!

So check out our hand-picked 221 favorite mind blowing & jaw-dropping facts about Japan, along with eye-popping pictures that will prove these aren’t just bogus facts (and yes, a picture is worth 1,000 words)!

So many topics covering Japanese history, culture, sports, etiquette, do’s and don’ts, humor, believe it or not, humor, food and more!

This book is ideal for those who:

– Want to learn the unique aspects of Japan
– Just need to kill some time while learning new things
– Are having a trivia & quiz party with friends
– Enjoy beautiful pictures
– Want to explore Japan without having to pack your bag

Grab a copy of this book and enjoy your vicarious journey to fun & crazy world of Japan!

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