Seoul City Subway Tour (Full Color Edition): Complete Guide to Getting Around Seoul’s Top Attractions by Just Taking the Subway


Hello fellow traveler! Congratulations on choosing Seoul as your next destination where you can enjoy one of the best subway (or metro, depending on where you come from) systems in the world, rated by CNN and Jalopnik (some name-dropping right here). What makes Seoul’s subway stand out? Maybe it is the cutting-edge technology like 4G LTE, WiFi, DMB, WiBro you can use while riding on it, but 11 million people who visited Korea last year (2015) can agree that:

-It is punctual, safe, and so well-connected to cover every corner of the city. You can go anywhere you want, just by taking the subway alone.
-It is very affordable (dirt cheap)!

So we have created this unique travel guide so you can visit Seoul’s top attractions just by taking the subway alone! This is something never done by any other travel guides before. In this book, you will find

-Step-by-step guide to taking the subway, from getting your own subway card to making transfers.
-Complete details of the subway system, including fares and characteristics of each line.

Now the fun part:

-More than 60 of Seoul’s top attractions sorted by subway lines and stations (both English and Korean, along with how to say it). They are all within walking distance (under 2km or 1.2miles) from the moment you exit.
-Pictures with complete details of the attractions including address, home page, and history/background information, as well as thorough turn-by-turn directions.
-Our unbiased review of the places, and an intuitive 7-star rating system.
-Tour routes by theme – we analyzed the best possible routes to make sure that you save time and not miss any of those essential spots. We included how much time it takes, when to get on/off, and make a transfer.

Whether you have already been to Korea or it is your first time visiting, this guide will add a whole new dimension of traveling (I bet a lot of local Koreans don’t know about many of the places we included here).

So, what are you waiting for? Get your backpack and let’s get on the train!

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