Seoul Korea Restaurant & Dessert Cafe Guide: Over 100 Best Restaurants & Dessert Cafes Chosen and Approved By Real Locals


Don’t visit Seoul, Korea without a copy of this book! Seoul Korea Restaurant & Dessert Cafe Guide presents over 100 best restaurants and cafes chosen and approved by real locals who know the real deal (read: forget Michelin Guide) . This guide covers 8 major hot spots of Seoul, covering various cuisines, under the following criteria:

-Affordable : Because not everybody wants a Michelin 3-star restaurant for every meal
-Healthy : Because getting sick on vacation is the last thing you want
-Tourist Friendly : Because you want to know what you are getting

When it comes to finding a restaurant, trust the locals! We have hand-picked the best restaurants, and dessert cafes in 8 major tourist hot spots of Seoul.

-Myeong Dong
-Insa-dong / Samcheong-dong
-Jongro -Itaewon / Hannam-dong / Gyeongridan-gil
-Apgujeong-dong / Cheongdam-dong
-Banpo / Seorae Maeul

Our selection includes but is not limited to Korean (authentic, fusion, street food, BBQ), Japanese (Izakaya, Sushi, Ramen), Chinese (Korean-Chinese, American-Chinese), Thai, Italian, French, New American, English, Indian, Turkish, Middle Eastern. After a tasty meal, treat your palate at one of our trendiest/classic dessert cafes serving all kinds of sweet treats.

We also threw in a few places worth visiting, which should be a nice way to burn off the calories. Finally, to help you blend in smoothly, we inlcuded dining/cultural etiquette/tips (maybe you will thank us later). Oh, last but not least – we also made some recommendations on the menu as well as the price.

Bon Apetit!

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