How to Write a KPOP Fan Mail / Letter in Korean: Complete Step-By-Step Guide With Over 400+ Expressions & Sample Letters


Ever wanted to write a fan mail to your favorite KPOP idol but couldn’t because you don’t know Korean? This book solves the problem by giving you a complete step-by-step guide with over 400+ customizable expressions & templates to choose from. You can write a letter in Korean that sounds 100% natural. Recommended if you can related to any of the following:

– You have a crush on a KPOP idol.
– You are so deeply moved by their work and want them to know that.
– Your life has changed so much (for the better) and you want to express your gratitude.
– You want them to know that you exist.
– You want them to know that there are people like you who love and care for them.
– You think about them 24/7 and just can’t get them out of your head.

But whatever the reason is, KPOP idols feed off their fans’ love and support. Think about it – whenever they win an award, they always express their gratitude to their fans. They exist because of you. So not only is it to make you feel better, it is actually one of the best ways to keep them motivated and energized. It is something they need the most when they are down, because in reality, they are just like us. Sending them a fan mail full of love and support is like giving them a hug.

So just pick & customize our expressions and you just wrote a fan mail in Korean that sounds 100% natural. We also included useful resources such as how to write your name in Korean, the addresses to which you can send the letters, as well as how to label the envelope so it gets delivered properly.

Table of contents

– Why write a fan mail?
– Word of advice
– How to compose your letter
– Labeling the envelope
– Where to send them
– Fan mail expressions
– Fan templates & samples
– How to write common names in Korean alphabet

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