KPOP Idols Wiki: Everything You Should Know About Top 30 Hottest KPOP Idol Groups


-Brand New 2017 Edition-

Hello K-Pop fan! Do You Have a Bias (i.e., Your Favorite Idol Group)? And Have You Ever Wondered Any of The Following Questions:

About The Group –
What Does Their Band Name Mean?
What Is Their Fandom Name?
When Was Their Debut Year?
What Is Their Official Site And YouTube Channel?

Idol Members Profiles –
Who Uses Stage Name / Real Name?
What is Their Height/Weight And Blood Type?
Do Their Birth Date / Zodiac Sign Match Yours?
How Many Albums Have They Released So Far?
What TV Apperances Have They Made?
Where Did They Have Concerts? Tours?
What Awards Have They Received?

Also The Big Question –
What Is The Instagram/Twitter/Weibo Account of Your Favorite Idol Member?
And What Is Their Facebook Fan Page?

You Can Find The Answer To The Questions In The Book! Our 2017 Edition Covers The Top 30 Hottest K-POP Idol Groups:

2NE1, 2PM, AOA, Apink, Astro, B.A.P, B1A4, BEAST, BIG BANG, BlackPink, BLOCK B, BtoB, BTS, CNBlue, EXID, EXO, f(x),FT Island, Got 7,INFINITE, MAMAMOO, Red Velvet, SHiNee, Sistar, Super Junior, Teen Top,Twice, U-KISS, Winner, ZE:A

With This Handy Little Reference Book, You Won’t Have To Look Any Further!

Happy K-Popping!