KPOP Quiz Book: Over 150+ Fun-Filled Questions About Your Favorite Idols

*New Release from Fandom Media*
– Who is the Maknae of Super Junior?
– The song “10 out of 10” was sung by…?
– Before their official debut, this group made the first appearance through a TV commercial which co-featured Big Bang.
– True or False: None of the members of APINK, is blood type A
– Which member of ZE:A is a member of MBC’s Infinity(Infinite) Challenge TV show?
– In 2010, this group appeared in the Mnet reality show “You Are My Oppa.”
– This group had the opening act for Lady Gaga’s ArtRave: The Artpop Ball concert tour in twelve cities across North America.
– This member of ZE:A received national fame for his role in the MBC’s fictional historical drama “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” playing the teen version of the prince’s scholar, Heo Yeom.
– True or False: BTS literally means “Bulletproof Soldiers”
How many did you get right? If you knew a lot about your favorite idols/biases, you should grab a copy of this book and test yourself.

With over 150+ fun-filled questions, you will learn many facts and stories about your favorite idols/biases you didn’t know before. Of course, challenge your fellow K-POP friend and see who’s the real fan!

There are questions categorized according to the level of difficulty, ranging from One Star to Five Stars. They have different points assigned, so you can always beat your opponent by getting the questions with Five Stars.

Depending on how you score, you will fall into one of the following categories.

1~250 Points = nOOb
251~450 Points = Fna boy/girl
451~650 = Fan Club Moderator
651~995 Points = STAN
996~1215 Points = Sasaeng Fan
1,216 Points = DAEBAK

Dare to see which category you belong to? Try the quiz book today!