Most Important People in Korean History : Influential Figures You Should Know to Understand The Nation


The Most Important People in Korean History presents a comprehensive list of the most influential figures who shaped, affected, and inspired the country over the past 4,000 years, in an easy-to-understand chronological order, along with helpful images and references. Whether you are are student studying Korean history or an expat in need to understand the people and culture of Korea, this book will be an essential guide that will get you fully educated.

~ Dangun Wanggeom – The Founding Father of Gojoseon, The First Ever Korean Kingdom  ~ Jumong – The Holy King of the East
~ King Gwanggaeto The Great – The Greatest Conqueror in Korean History
~Daejoyoung – The Founder of The Balhae Kingdom
~ Queen Seondeok – The First Queen of Korean History
~ Kim Yu-shin General Who Led The Unification of Kingdoms
~ Eulji Mundeok – Hero of The Great Battle of Salsu
~ Yeon Gaesomun – Gogyreo’s Super Hero Who Saved The Kingdom
~ Wonhyo The Great Master Monk
~Jang Bo-go The Emperor of The Sea
~ Gang Gam-chan – The Great General and Hero of Goreyo
~Kim Busik – Great Scholar Who Led The Compilation of The Samguk Sagi
~ Yi Seong-gye – The First King of The Joseon Dynasty
~ Jeong Mong-ju – The Symbol of Unwavering Loyalty
~ Jeong Do-Jeon – First Prime Minister of Joseon Dynasty
~ Jang Young-sil The Genius Engineer
~ King Sejong The Great – Korea’s Most Beloved King
~ Yeonsangun – The Dethroned Tyrant King of The Joseon Dynasty
~ Yi Hwang – The Pillar of Joseon’s Neo-Confucianism
~ Sin Saimdang Korea’s Own Renaissance Woman
~ Yi I Joseon’s Most Prominent Scholar and Philosopher
~ Yi Sun-sin The Admiral Who Saved The Nation
~ Heo Nanseolheon – A Short-Lived Literary Genius
~ Kim Hong-do The Master of Korean Painting
~ Jeong Yak-yong The Joseon Dynasty’s Social Reformer
~ Heungseon Daewongun – Regent Who Vigorously Enforced Closed-Door Policy
~ Saint Andrew Kim Taegon – Korea’s First Catholic Priest and a Martyr
~ Empress Myeongseong – The Queen Who Fought to Save The Korean Empire
~ Emperor Gojong – The First Emperor of The Korean Empire
~ Yi Wanyong – Traitor Who Put Korea Under Japanese Rule
~ Soh Jaipil founder of the first Korean newspaper in Hangul
~Kim Koo Leader of The Korean Independence Movement
~ An Chang-ho – Undying Beacon for The Korean Independence Movement
~ An Jung-geun The Patriot, Assassin, Hero
~ Shin Chae-ho Founder of Korean Ethnic Nationalist Historiography
~ Yu Gwan-sun The Martyr of The Korean Independence Movement
~ Sohn Kee-chung Korea’s First Olympic Gold Medalist
~ Lee Jung-seob – Master of Korean Modern Painting
~ Kim Il-Sung The First President of North Korea
~ Rhee Syngman The First President of South Korea