Based in Seoul and Denver, NEW AMPERSAND PUBLISHING was founded in 2016. With the lofty vision of “Connecting The World Through Literature”, we are one of the few companies that specialize in publishing Korea-related titles in languages other than Korean.

It is our mission to cater to the needs of readers around the world, by breaking into previously unexplored markets with universally popular topics about Korea using dedicated brands – including the hugely popular K-POP (under Fandom Media), Korean Study (under Bridge Education), Korean Culture, as well as Korean Classic Literature.

With the rapidly-growing popularity of Korean Wave, or Hallyu, we understand that there is an imbalance between customers’ demand and the number of titles supplied, which can be translated into a huge growth potential.

Many of our titles have already made a splash around the world. Our leading title, The KPOP Dictionary, has been Amazon.com’s best seller in multiple categories since its release back in 2016, with the overall sales rank as high as #840, among tens of millions of books available on the site. It’s also well received in markets outside North America, including the UK and other EU nations. Of course, other K-POP titles and Korean Study titles have a strong presence and are making a huge impact as well.

In the coming years, we aim to expand and diversify our portfolio by collaborating with celebrities, Korean entertainment companies, and establishing partnerships with government organizations who can further provide us with more unique and attractive content for international readers. The fact that we have added a dedicated Korean novelty merchandise brand “Fandom Design” clearly shows our dedication to continuously move forward.

At the same time, we are actively trying to build brand awareness by actively getting involved
in various K-Pop community events. We have participated in KCON 2017 Los Angeles by
providing our titles for event participants, and joining the K-POP United Vol. 2 by All That New
York as a featured sponsor.

In addition to that, we are constantly trying to make meaningful contributions to the global
community by donating our titles in Korean Study Programs to renowned institutions and
Korean adoptee organizations around the world, as well as culture exchange clubs. We aim to
grow, but we also strive to become a valuable member of the global society