Are you a complete beginner trying to learn Korean but don’t know where to start? Well, suppose you’re trying to build a beautiful house. What’s the most important thing you have to do? That’s right! Building a strong foundation! And how do you go about doing that? With a comprehensive layout plan that shows you where each piece of brick goes!

Not surprisingly, learning a language is pretty much the same. Our book, as the title KOREAN FOR EVERYBODY – COMPLETE SELF-STUDY PROGRAM : BEGINNER LEVEL suggests, is designed to help anyone, including a complete beginner with zero knowledge in Korean, learn the fundamentals of Korean language on their own using our step-by-step courses with supplementary quizzes. 

Yes, there are many books about learning Korean out there that overpromise yet under-deliver, leaving you in the middle of the road confused. We came up with this book because we understand the plight. As a result, we focused solely on helping you build a strong foundation. Here’s what makes this 234- pages-long book different:

Downloadable Audio Tracks Recorded By A Native Korean Speaker

Intuitive Illustrations To Help You Learn Korean Visually

PRONUNCIATION – How can you learn correct pronunciation without knowing what it sounds like? Learn each vowel and consonant with our free downloadable audio tracks recorded by a native Korean speaker. Just listen, and learn! 

KOREAN ALPHABET, HANGUL – Learn Korean alphabet system in a fun and engaging way! We provide detailed lessons on what they are and how they came about. Also, we have an ample amount of example vocabulary words to get you familiarized with them. They are easy as ABC, I mean, GA-NA-DA, as Koreans would say!

PENMANSHIP – Learn how to write Korean alphabet! With our guided practice blocks, not only will you hit the ground running, but also master the correct stroke order for each letter in no time!

GRAMMAR – To beat a game, you have to know the rules of the game, and knowing grammar is essentially the same for learning a language! In our book, we cover everything you need to know, from syllable formation to sentence structure to complex verb conjugation, with intuitive illustrations to help you visually understand some of the confusing concepts.

SPELLING – Korean spelling can get quite tricky because there are many exceptions and irregularities, but rest assured because we’ll help you learn to correctly identify common mistakes and avoid them!

VOCABULARY – Your language skills can go only so far with a limited vocabulary! That’s why we incorporated fun and engaging ways to pick up many different words as you go along the lessons. You’ll learn many words from our example sentences as well as a dedicated vocabulary builder at the end of the book (with pictures)!

PRACTICE QUIZ – What’s the best way to make sure you learned something and made it yours? At the end of each lesson, there’s a set of practice questions where you can test yourself to see what you know and what you don’t. Don’t worry! For difficult questions, we embedded little “quick tips” to help you get through them on your own.

So by the time you close our book, you would have learned so much about the fundamentals of Korean. The best part of the book is that you can study Korean on your own, without having to attend a class! 

So start today and master the fundamentals of Korean with just this one book!


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