Beautiful Korean Vocabulary Picture Book – Learn Korean Words Quickly and Easily Also Ideal for Kids! MP3 FILES

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Learn Korean words quickly and easily with beautiful pictures and MP3 audio files!

Looking for a fun and easy way to learn Korean vocabulary that’s also ideal for kids?

Beautiful Korean Vocabulary Picture Book for Kids provides colorful illustrations of essential words and objects from the Korean language, with English definitions to help you understand.

This book covers all 19 consonants of Hangul, the Korean alphabet, and 21 vowels! Each consonant and vowel has a dedicated page with corresponding words.

Are you a complete beginner? It’s okay! We also include a detailed introduction on how to read and pronounce the Korean alphabet.

With our downloadable free MP3 files, you can teach yourself, or help kids learn essential Korean words, including their meanings and pronunciation.

Have fun learning Korean!

Download MP3 Files for the book!