Seoul Korea Subway Tour Guide – How To Enjoy The City’s Top 100 Attractions Just By Taking Subway!

Don’t go to Korea without this book!

Whether it’s because of K-pop, Korean movies and dramas, or Korean food, congratulations on choosing Seoul as your next destination, where you can enjoy one of the best subway systems in the world, rated by CNN and Jalopnik.

Why travel by Korean subway? The obvious answer is that it’s the most efficient and budget-friendly way to visit Seoul’s top attractions. It’s safe, punctual, and well-connected to cover every corner of the city. You can go anywhere you want, just by taking the subway alone, with the opportunity to interact with the local people and experience their culture!

This is precisely why we created this unique travel guide: you can visit over 100 of Seoul’s top attractions just by taking the subway alone!

In this book, you will find:

– Seoul’s top 100 attractions, sorted by subway lines and stations (in English, Korean, and Chinese). All are within walking distance from the moment you exit.

– Complete details of the attractions, including address, website, history/background information, and travel tips.

– Complete details of the subway system, including fares and characteristics of each line.

– A map of each line, as well as how to access an interactive map using your phone.

– Step-by-step guide to taking the subway, from getting your own subway card to making transfers.

– Local travel tips, such as where to find public restrooms while inside a station or when you’re out on the streets. Also, we’ll show you where to find storage facilities to leave your belongings securely.

– Essential applications you should get to make the most of your tour experience in Korea! These include the subway app, navigation maps with turn-by-turn directions, as well as a multi-language AI-based translator app!

For each attraction, there is a map to give you a general understanding of the location, how to get there, and how long it would take.

But for your maximum convenience, we included a scannable (for paperback books) or clickable (for eBook) QR code, which will open the navigation map app, with the location pre-set as the destination. We’ve done all the work, so you can simply hit the depart button and follow the directions without you having to type in addresses.

– Themed tour routes – Let the eating begin! A spiritual getaway? Want to hit the shops? A royal experience? We analyzed the best possible routes by theme to make sure that you save time and do not miss any of those essential spots.

Whether you have already been to Korea or it is your first time visiting, this guide will add a whole new dimension to traveling. Have fun exploring Korea!