Learn Korean with Classic Short Stories Beginner (Downloadable Audio and English-Korean Bilingual Dual Text)

Download the audio files by clicking the link below (.ZIP)



Looking for a fun and easy way to learn Korean? Try learning Korean with classic short stories, with downloadable audio files by a professional Korean voice actor, and side-by-side English-Korean parallel texts!

Whether you’re a K-pop fan, a Korean drama fan, or an aspiring Korean studies expert, learning Korean with stories is a great way not only to obtain the skills necessary for communication but to develop a deep understanding of the culture and ideology in which the language is used.

With folk tales, you can learn to understand grammar, the expressions Korean people use, and expand your Korean vocabulary. It also allows you to take a peek into the traditional ideology of Korean people so you can understand why Koreans do what they do. So let’s take a journey to the olden days of Korea!

Our 32 Amazing Stories come with the following:

Download and Listen to Audio Files by Professional Korean Voice Actor, which come in two versions to maximize your learning experience.

• Normal Speed – Learn how Korean people would speak in normal situations.
• Slow Speed – Learn how each word and expression is pronounced.

Side-by-side Korean-English Parallel Text

It’s one of the most effective methods available to learn a new language! You can learn:

• Linguistic as well as cultural differences.
• Meaning, structure, and vocabulary-related aspects.
• Find similarities and differences found in literary devices such as idioms and metaphors.
• Optimal choice for self-study because you can find meanings in the text and read them in context, eliminating the need to depend on a teacher.

Culture Note

Learn how the stories came into existence by understanding the cultural and historical aspects, so you can fully appreciate the stories, including their hidden meanings and nuances.

Reading Comprehension Quiz

Test and develop your Korean reading comprehension skills with quiz questions on the stories.

Vocab & Proverbs

Learn over 800 essential Korean words used in the stories and related proverbs.

Quick Korean Refresher

• How to read and pronounce the Korean alphabet
• Structure of Korean syllables and sentences
• Frequently used Korean expressions and Korean honorifics

With the book, you will also gain a thorough insight into Korean culture. Have fun learning!

Download the audio files by clicking the link below (.ZIP)