SUPER 500 K-POP TRIVIA QUIZ BOOK – 500 Fun-Filled Trivia Questions About Your Favorite Idols


Meet the BIGGEST K-POP Trivia Quiz Collection in the WORLD! With our 500 fun-filled, most up-to-date trivia quiz questions covering the hottest K-POP idol groups, you can have hours of fun learning fun facts while challenging yourself and other K-POP fan buddies! See how much you know about your favorite K-POP idols.

Featuring the hottest K-POP idol groups –

AOA / Apink  / Astro / B.A.P / B1A4 /  BEAST  BIG BANG /  Black Pink / BLOCK B / BtoB BTS / CNBLUE/ EXID / EXO / f(x) / FT Island Got 7 /  INFINITE / MAMAMOO / Red Velvet SHiNee / Super Junior / Teen Top / Twice U-KISS  / Winner / ZE:A / Lovelyz T.ara /  Wonder Girls / Afterschool / Twice Super Nova / TVXQ / Akdong Musician / 4minute 2ne1 / 2AM / 2PM / i.o.i / Bestie / Sugar / SNSD FIESTAR / Stellar / MBLAQ

Can you answer the following questions?

– THIS AOA member allegedly has the biggest appetite in the group
– THIS AOA member talks in sleep and sleepwalks, too.
– THIS A-Pink member can split an apple in half by only using her hands.
– Moon Bin of ASTRO played Kim Bum’s child version in THIS drama.
– True or False? Jin Jin’s role model is Taeyang from Big Bang
– During the group’s debut, all of the B.A.P members dyed their hair in THIS color.
– CNU of B1A4 has the nickname of…?
– BIG BANG has encouraged their fans to buy bags of THIS and bring them to their concerts’ to be donated to charity organizations.
– True or False…? Zico has a Hello Kitty bedsheet.
– THIS BTS member was originally cast by seven agencies after leaving auditions for “Superstar K”.
– Before debuting in 2013, THIS BTS member was already performing as an underground rapper!